The Pilot skill is all about operating vehicles and things that go fast. From cars, trains and military vehicles to air and water craft.

Overcome: You use pilot to successfully accomplish movement in the face of difficult circumstances, like rough terrain, small amounts of clearance, or stunt driving. Obviously, Pilot is also ripe for contests, especially chases and races.

Create an Advantage: You can use Pilot to determine the best way to get somewhere in a vehicle, and a good enough roll might allow you to learn features of the route that get expressed as aspects, or declare that you know a Convenient Shortcut or something similar.

Attack: Pilot isn’t usually used as an attack skill. If you want to ram a vehicle, you can attack with Pilot, but you take the same shifts of harm you inflict.

Defend: Avoiding damage to a vehicle in a physical conflict is one of the most common uses of Pilot. You can also use it to defend against advantages being created against you or overcome actions of someone trying to move past you in a vehicle.


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