Critical Hits

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Critical Hit: When making an attack action, if your die result is at least three +‘s with no -’s than the attack is a critical hit (++++ or +++0 [6.17%]). If an attack results in a tie, it does not count as a critical hit unless a luck point is spent to make it so. A critical hit does no stress damage, the attacker instead may roll on the Hit Location Cart and then on the Critical Hit Chart for that location.

The Biting Aspect: If your character’s attack has the Biting aspect, then any die result including three +’s counts as a critical hit. (++++ or +++0 or +++- [11.09%]). Your attack tests that result in at tie, no longer require a Luck point to count as a critical hit.

Aimed Shots: An attack may be aimed at a particular location by incurring a penalty. -2 for Torso, -4 for arms or legs, and -6 for head or held item. An Aimed Shot also counts as a critical hit if the dice show two +‘s and two 2 0’s (++00 [7.40%]). It is otherwise like a normal critical hit.

Hit Locations: Hit locations are only determined when an attack is an aimed shot or a critical hit. Attacks that do only stress damage do not determine hit location.

Fumble: Anytime an attack roll results in all four -’s (---- [1.23%]), the attack is considered a fumble.


Critical Hits

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