Hit Location - Torso

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My spleen!

Lots of important things in there.

Consequence % Level Message Description Effect Immediate
Nauseated 29.62% Mild On top of everything else, you now feel like you might barf, enjoy! Your injuries have caused you to become sickened. -1 ST & CON for the rest of the scene.
Bruised 24.67% Mild That bruise will look nice, and maybe the scars will make good party talk. You have received painful bruising. -1 to ST & AG for the rest of the scene.
Winded 22.2% Mild That last one really knocked the wind out of your sails. You have had the wind knocked out of you. -1 to all actions.
Fractured 9.86% Moderate Is that thing supposed to poke out of your chest? You have broken a rib or received damage to your spine. -2 to ST & AG for the rest of the scene.
Punctured 9.86% Moderate Your internal organs aren’t very happy. You start to gurgle your own blood . A major organ has been punctured. -2 ST & CON for the rest of the scene.
Crippled 3.69% Severe Your major organs have been exposed to the light. You have suffered extreme trauma, and may have difficulty performing actions. -2 to all actions. You fall prone dropping anything held.

Hit Location - Torso

Fallout: NorCal Aegyptus